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Sep 28, 2005
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Have a great day, lots of joy and presents.

Birth Date:5th JuneColour:Cobalt BlueNumber:14 , 32 , 41Stone:Sodalite – Is said to help you express yourselfFlower:Oak TreePet:GoldfishCareer:Journalist , Writer , Song WriterKey Features:Expressive, ArticulateNaturally good at:Communicating with the written wordCharacter:You love to read and are a naturally skilled writer. You play with words and should be a brilliant songwriter or poet. Don’t poo poo this ability but put your heart into it and develop it. You love long conversations, which stretch into the night and have much to say.Life Path:Your life path is to stimulate other to think. You have a questioning mind and are always seeking to unearth some great mystery or other. You would make a good stand up comic as you use language to make to make others laugh and thinkLove:You play the fool in love and find it difficult to let on how you feel, possibly because you over analyze your emotions. You are turned on by peoples minds not bodies and as your birth number is rules by Mercury your Star sign ruler, another Gemini would be perfect.Best Present:Journal And Fountain Pen