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Sep 28, 2005
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Birth Date:1st JulyColour:Ginger , GoldNumber:1 ,11, 22Stone:Malachite – promotes peace and tranquillity but also helps you face your fears.Flower:pansyPet:RoosterCareer:Runner , Drag King/Queen , Healer.Key Features:Balanced , Extreme , WarmNaturally good at:Balancing male and female energiesCharacter:You have the ability to be an extrovert but can be more touchy than people realize, you tend to take things very personally and can get annoyed if people do not sense this. You have one or two friends who you share everything with however you never reveal your true identity to people in general.Life Path:You have been born to balance the yin and yang within you. You are equally passive or gregarious. It is important for you to learn to give and to receive or you could get trapped in only one half of your true self. When you reach this balance you capture a rare and exquisite magic which enhances your love life.Love:Your perfect partner is someone who can see the whole of you and not fall for your outgoing charm but understand your need to be cared for as well. As your birth number ruler is the Sun find a Leo who’s ruler is also the sun to shine their light on you.Best Present:Circus Skills Workshop , A Motorbike