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Birth Date:8th JulyColour:Chocolate BrownNumber:62 , 44 , 35Stone:Garnet – sparks your passion for life and is said to be an aphrodisiacFlower:Aloe VeraPet:CrocodileCareer:Fundamentalist , Tax Man , CopKey Features:Tenacious, Motivated , SternNaturally good at:Making situations work for youCharacter:You can be a little bit naughty, if you want something you will stop at nothing to achieve it. You are determined and bold but can also cross the line and do things which are illegal or dodgy to obtain what you desire if you want it badly enough. Decide what your personal morals are and stick to them.Life Path:You may have grown up with a feeling that you were not good enough. Because of this you are doubly determined to achieve the pinnacle of success be that in career or relationships. You need to get in touch with your softness, which is one of the most gorgeous things about you.Love:You have had challenges in this area and may have had a partner that would not fully commit to you. Yes it may be a grand passion but love is not about force of will and control. If it isn’t working let it go. You have harsh Saturn as your birth ruler try a Capricorn who’s ruler is also Saturn.Best Present:Expensive Perfume/Aftershave , Crystal Glasses