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Sep 28, 2005
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Birth Date:16th JulyColour:Lagoon BlueNumber:7 , 52 , 70Stone:Blue lace agate – a stone that helps you communicate clearlyFlower:LobeliaPet:HamsterCareer:preacher , Dolphin Trainer , SaintKey Features:Unrealistic , Compulsive , ImaginativeNaturally good at:Telling a great storyCharacter:You have to watch out for your addictive nature. You may love to drink and party or your addiction may be to something mundane like golf. Whatever you like to do you do it all the time that annoys those close to you. Avoid going to extremes.Life Path:You have a vivid imagination and can be prone to dangerous exaggeration. This could get you into trouble as people find you unreliable which then hurts you. Take a look deep within and examine your motives when telling a story or recounting an experience. Honesty is the best policy.Love:You can be a bit of an addict in this area too and find it hard to be faithful, yes you mean too but you just love temptation. Find a dreamy Pisces who can swim in the shoals of your soul as your birth number is ruled by their ruler Neptune.Best Present:Bottle Of Jack Daniels , Backgammon Set