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Sep 28, 2005
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Wish You all a very special day filled with joy and hugs.

Birth Date: 24th July Colour: Pink Number: 6,33,15 Stone: Pink Quartz – heals your heart and soothes your mind Flower: Redcurrant Pet: Love Birds Career: Adventurer , Tightrope Walker , Explorer Key Features: Daring , Audacious , Bold Naturally good at: Leaping in where angels fear to tread Character: Excitable and adventurous you despise the mundane and are always out seeking your next escapade. You may enjoy this somewhat dangerous side to your personality by taking up a dangerous sport or sleeping with someone wholly inappropriate but whatever it is you fancy you jump right in. Life Path: You could not give a fig about the consequences of your actions that leads to an interesting if challenging life. You are here to have a good time and you will damn well have one and it does not matter one jot anyone else’s opinion. Sometimes it may be an idea to mull over what could happen if the parachute doesn’t open! Love: Your often getting involved in all sorts of dodgy affairs of the heart, the riskier the better. It would take a God or Goddess to tie you down. Try a Libran whose ruler is your birthday ruler Venus planet of love. Best Present: Helicopter Ride , Bungee Jump