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From all of us to all of You: Happy Birthday !

Birth Date:5th AugustColour:Sapphire BlueNumber:14 , 23 , 50Stone:Turquoise – sacred to Native Americans brings truth and protectionFlower:DelphiniumPet:Adopt A CheetahCareer:Media , Teaching , WritingKey Features:Articulate , Sophisticated , SexyNaturally good at:Causing a stirCharacter:You are noticed wherever you go as you have great presence. You do not understand this and even though you are generally adored you feel like perhaps you have never quite experienced total love. In your career you soar ahead and have the ability to persuade people to go your way.Life Path:You should think about working on your self-esteem. You are beautiful inside and out but feel unlovable. This holds you back but also pushes you on to achieve high results in your career. This pattern is however ultimately causing you a lot of unnecessary pain. You inspire love so turn this within.Love:You may be attracted to people who can’t or won’t commit to you or perhaps live in another city or country. Bare in mind this is your choice and you can change it if you want. You are in control of your destiny. Why not try a Gemini who is ruled by Mercury your birth day ruler?Best Present:Tiffany Heart Locket , Pink Candles