toon medical group lol


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i see newcastle have lost another squad member today , stephen carr , who has apparently has just recovered from a groin injury is now out for who nos now , so laughable. it just means that they have about 10 first team players out now . i just can t believe how the club can keep this fitness , medical sports team employed they must be a joke , hopeless,players plagued with injuries from the past what ever this can t happen , i played sunday league footie for about 10 years and can only remember 1 bad knee ligament injury , and i was fit to go again 3months later ,and you should of seen the quality of pitches i played on ( sheeps field) are these players just milking it i don t know , its beyound a joke now


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It is all down to severe problem called Sounessitus, his philosophy is let them go out drink dance do what they want don't train and carry on losing cos he doesn't give a monkeys cos he's still getting paid ({})