Top end PCs from Ultimo

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Jun 26, 2007
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High end PCs are starting to emerge from the shadow of gaming, as British company UltimoPC is launching a range that will break the bank to lavish you with top end components.
The firm has unveiled five PCs types, the Gaming, Workstation, Mediacenter, Silent and Spacesaver.
Co-founder Paul Harris said to Techradar: “The ethos behind Ultimo is to build the best range of personal computers in the world. This may sound like a throw away line but we think long and hard about our choice of components and their compatibility.
“It’s not just about numbers, it’s about reliability, stability and a first class user experience. Every component has been selected for quality, from the Zalman fans to the WD Hard drives, Corsair RAM, Intel Processors and of course the Thermaltake and Coolermaster cases.”
Money can’t buy you love…but it can buy PCs
The PCs come in a range of costs, from the Workstation, which starts at £699, to the high end Gamer, which can be specced up to £2200.
Harris adds: “Our target audience is anyone who wants to buy a high quality rig at an affordable price. We’re confident that no other PC manufacturers will put as much time and effort into building and testing each of their rigs to perfection like Ultimo. Our aim is not to be the cheapest but to be the best.”
The company is also offering a range of high-end peripherals, from monitors to wireless mice and keyboards, to supplement the “expensive is best” ethos.
Each PC comes with up to 1-2TB of storage, and up to 4GB DDR3 RAM is available on most models.
Each PC is made to order, and takes seven days to deliver. Available now.