Top TV Shows



Radio Times has published a list of the Top 40 television shows from the last 50 years.

Although most of the shows are British, US imports such as ER and The Simpsons have made the list.

Alison Graham, television editor at radio Times, said: "Everyone has their own list of favourites and I'm certain there will be lots of people saying 'Where's Doctor Who or Star Trek?'."

The Top 40

Abigail's Party, 1997
The Ascent Of Man, 1973
Blackadder Goes Forth, 1989
Boys From The Blackstuff, 1982
Cathy Come Home, 1966
Caught On A Train, 1980
Civilisation, 1969
Coronation Street, 1960
Dad's Army, 1968
Edge of Darkness, 1985
EastEnders, 1985
ER, 1995
Fawlty Towers, 1975
Frasier, 1994
Hill Street Blues, 1981
Hancock's Half Hour, 1956
I'm Alan Partridge, 1997
The Larry Sanders Show, 1993
The League Of Gentlemen, 1999
Life On Earth, 1979
M*A*S*H, 1973
Monty Python, 1969
Morecambe And Wise, 1961
Not Only… But Also, 1965
The Office, 2001
Our Friends In The North, 1996
Phoenix Nights, 2001
Police, 1982
Porridge, 1973
Pride And Prejudice, 1995
Seinfeld, 1993
The Simpsons, 1990
The Signing Detective, 1962
The Sweeney, 1975
Talking Heads, 1988
Til Death Us Do Part, 1966
Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads, 1973
Z Cars, 1962
9/11, 2002