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Topfield Downloader & External Error Occured

My Satellite Setup
My Location
saudi arabia
Hi there that's my 2nd thread in ths Forum and i hope u gone help me this time...........?

i have Null Cable and i have all Topfield programs.... and i have that program which i can download channel from Box and i can send channel list to box too.. (STB Manager) u knnow it.. it works fine with me
but when i wanna upgrade my box ( my receiver)
i do every thing fine.....im sure of that ok but there message show 4 me says (External Error Occured)..

look im gone tell what i feel..... i guess the problem with Computer not with my Cable or my box ok..
someone told me the downloader works on one processor ok and he tell me how to do that.. i got task manger and opration and look for TFD-Down.exe and let it on one CPU ok.... and i did that but it's not work..

my Computer works on windows XP 2SP
plz help me .. let me upgrade my receiver 4 once in my life before i die ..lol
thanx all

Wishing you All Merry Christmas


Specialist Contributor
My Satellite Setup
125cm Gibbi with Channelmaster feedhorn and Inverto C120 twin.
36v H to H 62E - 61.5W
My Location
South central
Have you tried your STB and your Cable on a friends computer yet ??
That would prove whether your computer is OK or not.