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I was browsing the net and I found out a site listing forgein channels which show live Premiership games that aren't on Sky.

I don't know anything about how to get them though....

Can someone tell me (or point me to a guide) of how to get these channels (such as canal+). I have Sky digital at the moment but need even more live football! What do I need to do/buy and roughly how much it will cost? I heard something about cams and cards but I am very uneducated about these......

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As estate agents say

Location location location

Need to know where abouts you are and what sort of condition your house is in, maisonette, conservation area, garden, good or bad neighbours etc etc.

Different broadcasters use different satellites, receivers, encryption systems, so access to one may not necessarily mean access to another


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Assuming that you want to receive C**al+ Holland on Astra and The V**sat package on Sirius, to name but a few, you would need the following.
1. 1 m. dish approx depending on your location.
2. Digital receiver such as an Echostar or Humax with at least 2 CI slots for CAMs.
3. Either the correct CAMs and smartcards for Ir**to and V**ccess, or a CAM that can process all the different coding systems such as a re-programmable Ir**to cam with FreeCam software with a working smartcard.

Be aware that all the current coding systems are migrating to more secure versions which are not yet hacked, and that the solution might be different in that case. If you want more info give me an E-mail address.