Total Noob getting started needs Direction

Well I just had a quad LNB fitted to my sky Digital miniDish so I can get a second Digibox going. It occured to me that I could probably get a card for my PC and watch on that too.

So my questions are;

Can anybody recommend a card for Digital Satellite viewing ?

Can I get another sky subscription to work with it so I can watch the footie on my PC whilst the wife watches some nonsense on UK Living and the Kids are watching CBeebies ?

Is there software that lets me record PVR style using a programm guide ?

What spec of PC is required to do this sort of stuff. I have a P4 2.2 thats my main PC but I have a PIII 733 thats not doing much that I would use if possible.

Any guidance is appreciated.



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Firstly welcome to the forum Artanor,

With regard to the PC card, you cannot watch encrypted Sky channels on anything other than a Sky Digibox, you can of course what the free to air channels.

The most inexpensive card is the Skystar2, you'll see it mentioned in many threads if you do a search, also known as the SS2. For unencrypted channels the P3 should just about be OK, but a 1Ghz is really advisable.