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Transponder news


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Atlantic Bird 2. 8W

MBC Europe has left 12679H.

Atlantic Bird 1. 12.5W

New parameters for MBC USA 12692H clear SR 3300 FEC 3/4.

Telstar 12. 15W

Extreme Sports Channel and Club have started on 11124H SR

18386 FEC 3/4.

Intelsat 605. 27.5W

The British Telecom package is back on 11665H SR 30500 FEC


Sirius 2. 4.8E

ESPN Classic Sports Italia is now in clear on 12111H SR 27500,

FEC 5/6.

Hotbird 1. 13E

The test card has left 11387H.

Eutelsat W2. 16E

TVR Cultural is now encrypted in Viaccess 2 on 12680V SR 3000

FEC 3/4.

Astra 1E 19.2E

Transponder 24 -11568V package of open channels. has

switched from Astra 1B to 1E.