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I have an elliptical 80cm dish with three LNBs, one each for 28.2 degrees (Astra2/Eurobird),19.2 degrees (Astra1) and 13.0 degrees (Hotbird) and a diseqc switch connected to an Echostar 808 2ci Viacess.
All works fine.
However I have recently been trying out reception on my Sky+ box (a mark1) using a manual A/B switch to switch from 28 to 13.
All at 28 is fine but many transponders at 13 do not seem to pick up on the SKY+. I have successfully tuned several, usually at 2nd or 3rd attempt, but others don't come in at all.
I'm within the total number of "Other Channels" that Sky+ will let me store and am confident in the positioning as all works with the Echostar.
It doesn't seem to be linked to the beam footprint as some from the same beam are picked up whilst others aren't.
Some examples of those I get are:- 11137,11387,11604,11623,11785,12111,12207,12303 and 12673.
Some I can't get are:-10853,10930,11034,11054,11304,11919,12092,12149,12245,12322,and 12360.
I can't see any logic to this.
Is it a matter of signal strength (all looks ok on the Echostar display)?
Is the Sky+ (Pace) tuner not as sensitive as the Echostar?
Has anybody out there any ideas please?