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Yamal 102***89.8East

STS (+7h) is now in FTA on 3594R SYM:5100 FEC3/4 SID1 VPID2160 APID2120

NSS 703***57East

Action TV has started regular transmissions on 3886R (east beam) FTA SYM:16276 FEC1/2 VPID2081 APID2082 Fashion & Style have left this package

Eurasiasat 1***42East

Biri Bizi Gozetliyor (Big Brother Turkey) is back on 12622H FTA SYM:3000 FEC3/4 SID1 VPID33 APID34

Türksat 1C***42.0East

TV channel TUR 46 has replaced DIYARBAKIR on 11465V SYM:5632 FEC3/4

Astra 2D***28.2East

ITV 2 has started on 10906V Vid**guard SYM:22000 FEC5/6 (a second copy)

Arabsat 2C***26.2East

PAS 5 has changed name to Arabsat 2C

Arabsat 2D***26East

Eurobird 2 (ex Hotbird 5) has arrived at 26 East and changed name to Arabsat 2D

An Arabsat package has started on 11566H FTA SYM:27500 FEC3/4

Astra 1H***19.2East

A TVN test card and a TVN Siedem test card have left 12226H

Hotbird 2***13East

WABC-TV from New York has started on 11938H Via**ess SYM:27500 FEC3/4 SID7105 VPID164 APID88

Teleklub is now encrypted in Via**ess on 11938H SYM:27500 FEC3/4 SID7106 VPID165 APID89

TV channel RTVi NASHE KINO (package HTB International) has replaced RTV Int.-Nashe Kino on 11938H SYM:27500 FEC3/4 SID7102 VPID161 APID82

TV channel RTVi DETs*y MIR (package HTB International) has replaced RTV Int.-Dets*y Mir on 11938H SYM:27500 FEC3/4 SID7103 VPID162 APID84

TV channel RTVi STUDIO (package HTB International) has replaced STUDIO N.Y. Feed on 11938H SYM:27500 FEC3/4

La 7 has started on 11996V (super beam) Med**guard 2 / Vid**guard SYM:27500 FEC3/4 SID11013 VPID166 APID104

Hotbird 3***13East

Kairali Channel has started on 12220H FTA SYM:6161 FE3/4 SID1 VPID33 APID34

Hotbird 4***13East

A Sawatel test card has started on 10949V FTA SYM:27500 FEC3/4 SID7511 VPID2000 APID2001

Hotbird 6***13East

A TV Mediterranei test card has started on 11179H FTA SYM:27500 FEC3/4 SID4904 VPID229 APID230

Noello Sat has left 11096H moved to 11200V SYM:27500 FEC5/6 SID4709 VPID373 APID374

America Satelital has started on 11200V FTA SYM:27500 FEC5/6 SID4710 VPID368 APID369

Amos 1***4.0West

TV channel NBM (package Ukrainian mux (Amos)) has appeared on 11405H SYM:12660 FEC3/4 SID1 VPID257 FTA APID258/259

TV channel ORT-international (package Ukrainian mux (Amos)) has appeared on 11405H SYM:12660 FEC3/4 SID225 APID770 VPID769 FTA

Eutelsat W1***10East

Jordan Satellite Channel has left 11126H

Intelsat 901***18West

A second copy of Bahninform has left 11607V

Hispasat 1C***30West

Une has left 11771H moved to 11731H SYM:28120 FEC5/6 SID4 VPID401 APID402

NSS 806***40.5West

A Serte test card has started on 3803L FTA SYM: 27500 FEC 3/4 SID 1308 VPID1329 APID1339

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