Trouble patching Humax5400Z.Could anyone help???



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Hello everybody. ive got trouble patching a Humax5400Z,so any help is appreciated.
The Humax is loaded with ZIC 1.05.01, loader, system id 0102.0600.
I follow the procedure as described on
but there is something wrong cos after i open the program WDN4OAK+ and load the H208.hdf as described, without pressing the download button on WDN4OAK+ i press the small button on my Z-board to activate it and turn on the Humax. so, according to the proper patching procedure it should have booted the H.208 and given me an error message saying E-IC(so that i follow the next steps). but it doesnt seem to activate cos there is nothing saying on the display when i try to do it on this humax. could anyone tell me what the problem might be? thanx in advance.