Trying to get satellite upstairs...


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I'm thinking of moving my Smart Receiver upstairs, whilst keeping the Sky Digibox downstairs. I've already got both set up with one of those Global smart priority switches (and a Diseqc Switch at the other end) with the Smart receiver as the master, and I was going to just extend the coax cable to the Smart. However with the house setup this would involve drilling holes between wires and threading the cable through walls - neither of which I'm any good at.

A few years back the guy who installed Sky set it up so that I could get Sky upstairs by plugging the upstairs outside aerial cable into the upstairs TV i.e. so that whatever channel was showing on the digibox at the time I could get upstairs. Is there a way I could convert this outside aerial cable into a coax and plug it into my Smart receiver, so that it would work upstairs?

BTW with the current setup I have to unplug the Smart receiver from the mains to get a signal on the Sky digibox (using the Global priority switch) - which is a bit of a pain. Is there a way I could get a signal on the digibox just by putting the master receiver on standby?