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Tuesday on Premiere Direkt....


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Hi all,

Keep it free!

Premiere Direkt Movies with english sound track for today are:

Premiere Direkt 1:
"Knockaround Guys" USA 2001, 88min, Action/Comedy with Vin Diesel and Dennis Hopper
Start Times: Various

Premiere Direkt 2:
"8 Mile" USA 2002, 106min, Music/Drama with Kim Basinger and Evan Jones
Start Times:Various

Premiere Direkt 3:
"Enough" USA 2002, 115min, Thriller with Jennifer Lopez
Start Times:Various

Premiere 4:
***Nothing Today***

**To find out the start of the next movies on Direkt 1 to 3 turn to the "Premiere Direkt Portal" channel and look at the left-hand bottom corner and it gives you the next two starting times.**

[with thanx to aussie]


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