Turksat/Eurasiasat reception on a Zone 2 Sky Minidish



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1.1m Dish on Turksat, Triax 88 on Eutelsat 7A, Minidish pointing at Turksat
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London, UK
Hello everyone I just joined the forum. I have been reading the internet for the past two days on peoples analysis of the Sky Minidish and its uses.

Basically, the story is as follows. At home I have a 1.1m motorized dish pointing at 42E Turksat and can receive all of the signals no problem. However, when not at home, I cannot carry such a dish size with me and am left totally without Turkish television and football coverage from TV8.

I can only use a 60CM or smaller dish where I am realistically speaking behind a single-glazed window to point at 42E Turksat and the cheapest combination of a dish+LNB+installing brackets etc is for a Zone 2 Sky Minidish at £30 (including delivery).

The question I was going to ask firstly is as regards to the actual difference between the elliptical minidish itself (which I believe is around 57CM in actual vertical height?) and normal 'circular' dishes that are 60CM. Which would be better and if so, would the difference justify a higher price (£55 if it is a new 60CM+LNB+Brackets)

Secondly, what is the actual specification of the LNB on the Zone 2 Minidish. I've heard it is 0.7 but I am not sure. Is there a real difference between say, a 0.3/0.6 LNB and the one on the minidish. I cant seem to find alternatives to it for sale anyway but I just wanted to know, incase I can later afford a better one.

Thirdly is the actual reception. The 42E orbital slot is quite complex (not as complex as Hotbird and Astra) but there are two satellites, as you know with four different beams for Europe!

Turksat 1C I think in the westbeam has an EIRP in London around 49-51DBw, while Turksat 2A has an EIRP of 52-53DBw.

So far, theoretically, so good. However, the S1 beam EIRP is around 48DBw, so to even pick it up with less than a 80CM is a struggle.

My question regarding the third issue is:

a) Can I pick up most of the Westbeam channels on 1C/2A without the need for a different LNB/better quality dish.
:cool: Can I attempt to pick up some of the S1 channels on 2A with/without a different LNB. If a new LNB is needed, would a 0.3 from Invacom for eg; make possible reception.

Thank You very much for you help and comments. Any advice on installation is too welcome as this will be the first time I attempt to position and install a dish antenna myself.

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Fortec Star Lifetime Classic FTA, Turksat, Astra2, Astra1, W2 16E, Hotbird, Hispasat
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Hasty reply - not much time!

I get Turksat in Bucks with a standard Raven Zone 2 Sky dish. I paid £15 - self collect.

In fine weather:TR channels strongish - 60% SQ;
Powerturk, CNNTurk,TV8, EuroTurk, FB TV, very strong 80% SQ
TV5 strongish - 60% SQ;
TD1 dodgy - 50% SQ
TVT 70% SQ;
ATV, NTV Int 45% SQ dodgy in rain
Cine5 - 38% SQ always dodgy

Dish set-up - Dish pointing 5-8, deg down from vertical, LNB skewed 20 deg clockwise from front of dish. Needed 30 minutes careful tweaking to get the above SQs. They are on a Fortec Star Lifetime Classic. Your receiver may give values a lot different.

Rotate the dish very slowly around 50 deg east of south till you locate the satellite - needs lots and lots and lots and lots of patience. Lock the azimuth bolts on the dish and tweak the elevation. Lock the elevation bolts and re-tweak the azimuth very, very, very very gently. Finally re-tweak the elevation. Lock the bolts tight but don't bend the dish brakets.

As soon as you get any sort of lock on Turksat scan the TP 11804V 24444 then you have got a picture to help you get back to the satellite if you sneeze when tweaking.

You are very limited in your choice of LNBs with an elliptical Sky dish. Their physical characteristics must reflect the shape of the dish. Most LNBs are designed for round dishes. They work in Sky dishes if you tie them to the LNB arm with string but with around 85% effectiveness - until they shake loose. The improvement a good quality LNB gives is marginal.