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Dreambox 800 - Nabilosat Image and 250gig Hard-drive (pointing at 28.2E)
Dreambox 7020 with 120 gig hard-drive disk - running a motorised dish
DM600 +DM500
although only usually the 800 and 7020 are both on.
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OK so I read the question and all the responses in this thread. http://www.satellites.co.uk/php-bin/forum/showthread.php?t=53674

But I think I bypassed the use of the $ky box it -. I don't have a $kybox and have not got access to one, yet I managed to get $ky to enable my card over the phone.

I am going to post details in a whille, but I would also like a couple of questions answered.

I have put the card in the bottom slot chip facing down and am waitng for Chan 4 and 5 to become active, is there anything else I need to do?.

I am running a few Cams, Camd3 is my fav it is enabled by default do I have to diable them and leave the common interface?, do I have to edit any config files?, if so which ones.

OK how to get freesat without putting money into Jnr Murdoch pockets meaning no buying a box.

First I read up on what was needed to get the card turned on, which turns out to be valid details from the System Details menu on a Sky box.
Now there are quite a few $ky repair shops and help groups so I scoured the net looking for help guides and $ky tech help. I needed guides with pictures and even checked google images looking for the info eventually I found the pictures I was looking for

(I've blanked out some details because if everyone uses the same ones $sky will just do a cross reference on everyone using the above and turn off my card)
There are a few more of these images out there. All the user need do is search.

So I rang $ky and got through to a very helpful person, only thing is that my picture seemed to have defunk details I thought as when I gave her the details she said the Firmware and ID number didn't match correctly, but thats ok she said. just hang on a minute.
I waited and waited (nice hold music) and I waited. (I was nervous but figured I'd keep to my I purchased the box from ebay routine and this is what it says if I get put through to the anti-fraud team or something)
But no she just said it sometimes happens on older boxes and that she had to go and request it be activated manually.
Whoo-hoo I thought, then she said have a nice day and welcome to freesat and that was that.

Good luck to others on their search. (please don't tell me I now need an offical digibox to get this to work now after all my trouble? - I hope Butterbox really was right about activating in the DM)