TV2 Denmark - terrible quality



How come TV2 Denmark on 1 degree west looks so unclear?
It looks like a terrestrial tv channel with very bad reception.
Sometimes it looks ok, and other times it looks horrible.
I've never seen that before with a digital tv channel.
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Reception equipment ? What are you using from roof to receiver ?

I once had a customer that complained of poor quality colour pictures - turned out to be a 1mm stain of nicotine on the TV tube


I'm using a 1,2 meter dish.
All other channels are perfect.
It's only TV2 Denmark.
But has it got something to do with that it says: DTV2 (Cable).
Why is it called Cable?
This is digital satellite, right? :)


I've received this reply from the Conax Yahoo group.
By the way, yesterday TV2 looked perfect. This evening it's impossible to see :(

"The signal you recieve from your dish is actually recieved on a normal aerial antenna in Norway and then uplinked by Telenor. TV2 Danmark don't broadcast on satelite by them selves because they send local programs for regions all around in Denmark (just like the swedish TV2). The signal you recieve on dish is the TV2 program from North Jutland transmitted from the sender at Nibe (the signal then have to travel about 150 Km across Skagerak (sea) before it is recieved in Norway and uplinked to Thor), that is the reason why the signal sometimes is good otherwise bad.The only TV channel from TV2 Danmark witch is officially broadcast on satelit is TV2 Zulu (the program is only avaible on satelite or Cable)."