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Our specialised member, Twag42, makes a good point about mature content on satellite. He wonders why guys pay hard-earned money for subscriptions.

Well, I do it because I like to see some kinky stuff that I do not do in my private life. It's a bit of fun.:)

But Twag's point still holds up. So much of mature content on satellite is the same, with the exception of s_x View, s_x View Plus, 247 TV and DP TV.

Worst offenders are Platinum X and Red Light District who dominate the likes of X Dream TV.

I did a search on the Internet and tracked down P and R's web sites. I discovered, both are a joint company, which produce more than 28 NEW mature content films per month. All well over 2 hours long. No compilations.

And they're all the same. Same men, same settings, same house, same couch, same s_x, yet different girls but all have no shame.

The movies are the most tedious thing I have ever attempted to watch. There is simply no variety. Yet these DVDs sell like hot cakes in the States and here in the UK, although they're shipped from Amsterdam because UK law does not permit the sale of non R-rated hard core movies from WITHIN the UK.

But who buys this trash? They must have short memories, because every one of them is the SAME. Seen one you've seen the lot.

They're the same. If you have Free X TV, I challenge you to tell me how Platinum and Red Light movies differ...

I bet you cannot.:)