Twinhan/Visionplus 1030a deoding 4:2:2

My Satellite Setup
Athlon XP 2200+
512MB Ram
Twinhan/VisionPlus 1030a
I'm using a Twinhan/Visionplus 1030a sat pci card, ProgDVB v.4.38.6, TwinhanDTV v.2.602 Build 07.
For the Sirius-sat at 5 deg. east, I have the following settings:

LNB Settings:
KU-band, LOF1 9750,Switch 11700, LOF2 10600, LNB Power: ON

Audio/Video Settings:
In the "Default graphs", all 3( TV Channels,TV with AC3 and Radio), shows Elecard
Then Letterbox shows none and the next box says "Video Renderer"

I have registered the Elecard, in the filters section.

And yes, I have also checked that the transponders were active and the feeds ongoing, by looking at different feed-forums(satelliweb, satbenelux, and others).

I've played around for a while with this card, having bought it only to watch these 4:2:2 feeds, have also tried to install different versions of the ProgDVB(v.2.07.1, v.3.31.1, v.4.07.1, v.4.26.4, v.4.51.3), yet no positive result. I have no problem catching satellites at all. My problem is that I can't catch the sport-, newsfeeds.
Has anyone experienced the same problems? If anyone is using ProgDVB for watching 4:2:2 feeds, can you please give me your exact settings. Also if you are using other software for watching feeds along with the Twinhan/Visionplus 1030a, any suggestions/help will be highly appreciated.
Thx in advance


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My Satellite Setup
channel master 1.2m dish
technomate 6900,,and invacom 0.3 quad lnb
satlook micro
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hi also same problems with skystar 2 also got this card for the 4:2:2 feeds but same results as you maybe someone could enlighten us