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Two dishes, one receiver

My Satellite Setup
Technomate 1500CI plus with 80cm dish and TM2100A Diseqc 1.2 / USALS motor
My Location
OK, so far so good. I have successfully installed a motorised dish and got it working with a Technomate box - not bad for a novice! The only problem is that on my property I have no clear line of sight to the entire horizon, and I am missing one satellite in particular that I want to pick up - specifically Express AM22 at 53.0E. Initial thoughts were 'that house has got to go' but my neighbour is bound to make a fuss.

My solution would be to put another dish about half way up the garden where there is clear line of sight to 53E and then, somehow, have a switcher to select between the two dishes. Now, I have looked at simple A/B manual switches, Diseqc switches and at coupler / decouplers and am a bit confused as to what I need.

Can someone help with the 'minimum fuss' route (buy this, this and this, then hook LNB to this, this to that and that to the receiver is what I am looking for) to install a switch, and preferably switchable from the sofa rather than having to go to an A/B switch.

Burnham Beech

Specialist Contributor
A simple Diseqc switch can work in theory but people have posted that some makes do not because they interfere with the motor.

From various posts I have seen the global range of Diseqc switches will be ok, but you might have to try out a few different things.