Two new Arabsats on 26E



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Two new Arabsats on 26E

Hot Bird 5 satellite, under the name of Eurobird 2, did not work for a long time on 33E position. Suddenly, it become removed on 26E position, and renamed once more on... Arabsat 2D. At the moment, satellite broadcasts Arabsat package from frequency 11,566 H. Also, PanAmSat 5 satellite is now on 26,2 E position, and it changed its name on... Arabsat 2C.

PAS 5 satellite, now - Arabsat 2C is on 26,2 E position. At the moment, there is no broadcasts or transmissions from this satellite.

The Arabsat 2D - 26E satellite, was recently well known as Eurobird 2. It was suppouse to be used for Internet connections for S*y Digital package. At first satellite was named as Hot Bird 5 satellite and broadcast from 13E. However, it was launched, the satellite become recognised as a faulty and replaced by new generation satellite - Hot Bird 6.

Arabsat digital package broadcasts in clear from frequency 11,566 H (SR = 27500, FEC = 3/4). There are available, among the others, two Saudi Arabian channels, Iraq Satellite channel, as well as the channels from Sudan, Bahrajn, Oman and Kuwait.

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