UK brand names pull adds from Kazaa, Grokster



A number of the UK’s more prominent companies are pulling their advertisements from peer-to-peer network sites such as Kazaa and Grokster, according to a report on UK IT news website New Media Zero.

The companies are claiming that they did not realise the sites were engaged in any illegal activity and they do not want their brands associated with theft and mature content.

HSBC’s online bank, First Direct, is amongst the major brand names that have pulled their ads from Grokster. New Media Zero is reporting that the company’s brand and advertising manager, Richard Thirsk, said that the company thought the site was a legal music download service.

The companies are also claiming in some cases that they did not realise they were advertising with the peer-to-peer networks, their ads having been placed there by third party advertising agencies.


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Can you imagine if we applied the same brainless principles to all vehicles for information sharing.

First to be villified would be the postal service. I think we should all boycott the postal service in protest at the fact that all kinds of pirate goods and mature content are distributed by post. We should also raid the nation's sorting offices and hold their managers accountable for whatever illegal materials are found in their packages. After all we apparently have no qualms in forcibly closing down internet servers on which customers have purportedly posted illegal materials.

Then we can boycott television since it relies increasingly on the revenue brought by "adult" subscription services. We should also boycott the publishing companies that produce mature content, as well as the paper-mills supplying them and the retail outlets that carry them.

In fact, let's boycott language. I think it's scandalous the way so-called reputable companies such as Linguafone still condone the learning of language when so many of the world's criminals have been shown to rely on the writtten and spoken word for establishing their illegal networks.