UK Presenter Sues Schwarzenegger



British television presenter Anna Richardson, who alleges she was molested by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is to sue him for libel over his claim that she encouraged the incident.

Richardson claimed the 56-year-old actor, now Governor of California, touched her breast as she tried to interview him at the Dorchester Hotel in December 2000 about his film The Sixth Day for her London Weekend Television show Big Screen.

A spokesman for Schwarzenegger said she encouraged the behaviour.

Richardson, who was 29 at the time, was said to be "furious" about the response and is now claiming it damaged her reputation as a professional interviewer by presenting her as someone who uses s_x as part of her interview technique.

She is expected to file a £100,000 libel suit later this week, which could cost the actor over £1 million in legal fees.