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I have noticed that there are a few requests for help, sometimes just a first post, which are unanswered. Those of a serious technical flavour are probably outside my knowledge and experience but it would be nice if they could be replied to even if it's a "sorry we cannot help on this one....". A job for a nice, friendly moderator possibly. Just a suggestion.



Believe it when I see it Admin.
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Yes you're right Jimbo, unfortunately when I see one that I can't help with I leave for a short period to see if anyone else will reply and in an ideal world there would be a member with the requisite knowledge waiting to answer. With the best will in the world though some will get missed, must be a bit more diligent and keep a better lookout, as for finding a nice friendly moderator though . :confused


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Here's the dilemma:

if someone DOES reply "sorry, can't help" , on whose behalf is that person making that statement?
No member can speak for other members. Nor would it be sensible for every member to repond to every post s/he couldn't help with.

And nor should it be the job of a moderator to repsond to each and every post, or to speak on members' behalves.

When I used to be mod here, I came in for the occasional criticism that I was too keen to leap in and answer - that I should have given other members a chance.
The board is not a kind of "ask the moderator" agony column, It is the members who need to be answering posts.

PS: hope this doesn't come across as trying to tell the current mods how to do their jobs. They do a great job. This was just my twopenneth...


I handle a lot of enquiries each day by e-mail (and I also moderate another forum which shall remain nameless).

So I can tell you from experience that some posts are ignored because:

1. They are not understandable. Try to type in English and use punctuation correctly, check spelling and grammar. Don't use phone "texting" because, although it might be quicker for you to type something like "CUL8tr M8" it takes bl**dy ages to figure it out and gives the impression that you're a 12 year old. Not that there's anything wrong with being 12 except that you probably won't understand a technical reply so you end up getting none.

2. They omit vital details. For example, a question about a satellite TV fault really *ought* to include the make, model, dish type/size, LNB type, exact location (nearest city will do), fault history (how/when did it happen?), tests you've carried out (try the Digibox on a mate's dish) and any other relevant information. For example, one guy had an intermittent "no signal" fault that only occured when someone stood in the doorway! Turned out he'd had a false floor fitted and the workmen had dumped a nail clean through his LNB cable (under the new floor). It shorted out when pressure was applied in the doorway.

3. They omit to mention their own abilities. For example, I wouldn't tell a brain surgeon to solder in a kit of parts because, in my experience, surgeons are utterly hopeless at anything practical (yes, really. Frightening isn't it). If you are an engineer, electrician or whatever, please say so.

4. They fail to give a relevant Subject title so people don't even bother to click on their thread. If the Subject line is "Panasonic TU-DSB30 no horizontal progs" then anyone familiar with that model and fault will click on it. If the Subject is "Help!" then it is likely to be skipped by all but the most bored visitors.