Undercover Sun Reporter Dies!



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The undercover Sun reporter working on a story to expose a methane producing plant as a possible target for terrorist’s was posing as a sewage farm worker. A spokesperson for the sewage farm said today. “That the unfortunate incident happened when the reporter must have laid down on the pathway to take sneak snap shots of our works with his camera. When an employee at the plant noticed him lying on the path that separates the west and south slurry pits. Our employee whom for various reason’s shall not be named at this time. Was only undertaking his duty by keeping the plant tidy and mistook the Sun reporter as being a ‘Turd’ and kicked him into the west pit were all the other ‘Turds’ were floating!” The Spokesperson added… “After witnessing the retrieval of the reporter, which may I add took a very long time as it was hard to distinguish him from all the other sh*t floating there, the incident left me with a bad taste in my mouth!”


Report by My Hanky

If Carlesburg owned a newspaper……it would probably print the best stories in the world! :D :-beer