uniden positioner ust 771



Can someone tell me if the above box have a battery in side it
because when the kids turn the mains off i loose the setting of the box and i have to pay £30 for someone come and aline the motorised
dish or what can the problem be with it i know the box is about 7-10
years old

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The UST 771 contains a 3v lithium cell battery that is soldered to the main board.

You can use any sort of replacement that gives 3V. Pay no more than £10 plus fitting.

There was also a modification to the earlier design boards where the battery would go flat within 4 years however if its just gone down you should be OK

£30 to set it up sounds pretty good value as it takes about an hour to do from scratch for the 30 positions. There was no need however for you to call an installer, everything is done from the front panel