Updated: 10 of the best 32-inch HD TVs

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Jun 26, 2007
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Did you know that 32-inch TVs have apparently now been usurped by 37-inch models as the UK's TV size of choice? Nevertheless, the humble 32-incher still has a heck of a lot to offer. It satisfies two completely different buyers: people after a decent-sized TV for their decent-sized living room; and those more TV-centric people who fancy a second high-def TV in the house.
So now that we've established just how many of you could potentially be interested in buying a 32-inch LCD, it's time we got down to business. Here's TechRadar's Top Ten best 32-inch TVs... all HD ready, of course... (prices quoted are best online prices as of 10 April)
10. Sharp LC32AD5E, £449

The LC32AD5E is Sharp’s current entry-level, HD Ready set with no frills and an appealing price.
An extensive selection of connections include the now de rigueur two HDMIs (version 1.2 not 1.3, sadly), a component video input and a PC port. It's a good-looking set, and while colours can tend to look a little off-key during dark scenes, the performance is good for the price point. The factory picture settings don't do the Sharp LC32AD5E justice.
The occasional weak colour tones are counter balanced by some really intense, vibrant saturations. And we were also impressed by the crispness of the LC32AD5E’s HD playback. [Read the full Sharp LC32AD5E review]
Key specs: * 1366x768 native resolution * Digital tuner * two HDMI inputs * VGA port * 19kg
9. Hitachi 32LD9700, £689

There was a time when this now slightly ageing LCD TV was pretty much state of the art. But it's now being usurped from its class-leading position by younger, fitter models. Nevertheless, its punchy, noiseless, colour-rich and ultra-stable pictures, neat design and unusually wide viewing angle still combine to make it one to consider. Especially now that age appears to have substantially withered its price... [Read full Hitachi 32LD9700 review]
Key specs: * 1366x768 native resolution * Digital tuner * Picture Master HD processing * two HDMI inputs * 28kg (weight)
8. Panasonic Viera TX-32LXD700, £700

This is the first of three Panasonic LCD models to make our top 10 - not bad for a brand supposedly more into plasma. With outstanding pictures and features galore, the 32LXD700 is actually Panasonic's flagship 32-inch LCD.
So why isn't it higher up our chart? Because we don't think its distinguishing features of an extra HDMI port, SD card slot and more powerful speaker system justify the price hike over the brand's cheaper models. [Read full Panasonic Viera TX-32LXD700 review]
Key specs: * 1366x768 native resolution * Digital tuner * V-Real 2 and 100Hz processing * two HDMI inputs * 19kg (weight)
7. Panasonic Viera TX-32LMD70, £434

And so we come to Panasonic's second top 10 model. And this one's actually the brand's entry-level offering. Which means that, as well as the third HDMI, SD card slot and enhanced audio of the 32LXD700, it also lacks that model's 100Hz processing for smoother, crisper motion handling.
But while we do certainly miss 100Hz here, the set still manages to deliver a performance that trounces the majority of its direct competitors. [Read full Panasonic Viera TX-32LMD70 review]
Key specs: 1366x768 native resolution * Digital tuner * V-Real 2 processing * two HDMI inputs * 19kg (weight)
6. Sony KDL-32D3000, £599

In terms of specifications and features, the first of Sony's 'proper' second-generation Bravia LCDs is outstanding. New v1.3 HDMIs, 100Hz processing, 24fps signal handling and 10-bit colour reproduction join the already impressive Bravia Engine imaging system.
Our only quibble is that it's hard to appreciate the full worth of some of these features on a 32-inch screen, which makes the TV look a touch expensive. [Read full Sony KDL-32D3000 review]
Key specs: 1366x768 native resolution * Digital tuner * Bravia and 100Hz processing * three v1.3 HDMI inputs * 17.5kg (weight)
5. Philips 32PF9641D, £678

Philips has a confusing habit of using different generations of its Pixel Plus picture processing system on different models across its LCD range. And it turns out that the Pixel Plus version on the 32PF9641D is now two generations old.
But that doesn't stop the TV from producing superbly sharp, detailed, colour-rich and high-contrast images. Instead it just means you can pick the set up for a relative song. Kerching! [Read full Philips 32PF9641D review]
Key specs: 1366x768 native resolution * Digital tuner * Pixel Plus 2 HD processing * two HDMI inputs * 23kg (weight)
4. LG 32LB75, £479

Obviously we're not so shallow as to be seduced by looks alone. But, well, they do help... And anyway, even though the first TV from LG's new Design Art range is possibly the prettiest 32-inch TV ever, that's certainly not the end of its charms. It also boasts all manner of excellent features - including 1080p/24fps compatibility and LG's XD Engine processing - and comfortably LG's best LCD pictures yet.
Key specs: 1366x768 native resolution * Digital tuner * Advanced XD Engine processing * three HDMI inputs * 12.6kg (weight)
3. Panasonic Viera TX-32LXD70, £599

We've picked Panasonic's mid-range 32-inch LCD, the 32LXD70, as the brand's highest-placed model for the simple reason that it seems to offer the best combination of price and features.
Plus, of course, with 100Hz processing on hand to join the ever-dependable Panasonic V-Real image engine, its pictures are an absolute joy from start to finish. [Read full Panasonic Viera TX-32LXD70 review]
Key specs: 1366x768 native resolution * Digital tuner * V-Real 2 and 100Hz processing * two HDMI inputs * 23kg (weight)
2. Samsung LE-32R87BD, £406

Samsung's enviable position as the world's biggest producer of LCD screens means it can sell LCD TVs like the 32R87BD at prices rival brands frankly have to crucify themselves to match.
Crucially, the 32R87BD's appeal isn't exclusively its groundbreaking price. It's also adorable to look at, crammed with unexpected features and flexibility, and - with the exception of a little motion blur - a really excellent performer to boot. [Read full Samsung LE-32R87BD review]
Key specs: 1366x768 native resolution * Digital tuner * DNIe and Movie Plus processing * three HDMI inputs * 13.1kg (weight)
1. Philips 32PFL9632D, £763

This Philips model may not be the most expensive in our top 10, but it's also comfortably the best. Driving it right to the top of our 32-inch pile is its remarkable new Perfect Pixel Engine processing, which works in tandem with an innovative multi-source backlight system to largely eradicate LCD's problems with motion handling. At the same time, it serves up sensational sharpness, colours and black levels. Truly benchmark stuff. [Read full Philips 32PFL9632D review]
Key specs: 1366x768 native resolution * Digital tuner * Perfect Pixel Engine processing * three HDMI inputs * 18.2kg (weight)