Upgrade Discus Elipse


Pete Beams

I am wanting to upgrade my existing satellite system and would be pleased if you could offer some advice.

My current system comprises of:-
1. Discus Elipse analogue receiver (with external VideoCrypt decoder).
2. 1.2 metre motorised offset dish (with 24" jack actuator).
3. Swedish Microwave XL-1000A LNB (10.95 - 12.75 GHz).
4. Mechanical (pulse or current?) polarotor.

From the write ups in What Satellite TV magazine I am favouring the Echostar AD3000IP analogue/digital receiver (which should replace the Discus Elipse without any problem?). At the same time I would be wanting to upgrade the LNB to a quad band to receive the frequency range 10.70 - 12.75 GHz (I believe the Swedish Microwave XL-800C will achieve this?).

But the main point is that at the same time (or in the VERY near future) I would want to convert my Sky analogue subscription to SkyDigital. This, of course, will require adding a Sky Digibox to the system (although the Echostar (along with virtually every other digital receiver) is technically capable of receiving the Sky digital transmissions if only Sky would release the videoGuard CAM as a Common Interface).

My enquiry is to find the best way to link the 2 receivers together into the system. One way that I understand would work would be to use the Echostar to control the dish position and polarity and have the Sky Digibox connected to the same LNB downlead via a splitter with DC blocking on the output to the Digibox. A second option would be to remove the present LNB, mechanical polarotor and feed horn and replace them with a single Universal LNB with twin output. My preference would be for the first option as the second does not allow polarity "skew" to be set for channels transmitted from satellites at different positions across the orbital arc also, I am not sure how a Universal LNB would attach to the dish (unless purpose made adaptors are available?).