Upgrading the Humax IRCI5400



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Just a little wisdom from the group please. I have a Humax IRCI5400 which, as you are all aware, is not over sympathetic to Matrix Reloaded CAMs. I have been advised that updating the firmware might (my italics) improve the situation. I have HDF’s for the Loader 2.08, the system ID and IRDETO CAM and HIC 1.05.01 system software as well as the WDN4OAK downloader. All these from Humax who assure me (my italics again) that this matched software group is necessary and will work. In my experience of upgrading computers there is no such thing as a cast-iron certainty. A number of questions spring to mind:

  • Do I have to erase the existing firmware and software before I start? I don’t recall it being mentioned on an OTA download.
  • If I do that will the STB start so that I can reprogram it? Like a PC do these things have ‘Boot ROMs’ or is that what the Loader does?
  • Do I have to reprogram in any specific order; i.e. Loader, ID and CAM and finally system software?
  • Once started do I have to persevere with all the re-programming?
  • What happens if the download fails?
  • What happens if this ‘bouquet’ is not as matched as Humax would have me believe? Will I be able to get my original STB back?
Lots of questions but you will understand my caution if you read on.

On a connected tack, I have an old Manhatten DSR-2500 APCI Analogue/Digital STB with Version 2 software which I intended to press into service while I upgraded the Humax –just in case of problems. Although a few years old the Manhatten has never seen service for reasons which are not relevant here. It is my opinion that this STB re-defines the term C**P! The menus are tedious and although the searching is magnitudes faster than the Humax it seems to miss just as many channels. It does not like MR1.07 at all! Although it initialises immediately, all channels which use the CAM are pixellated although signal quality is between 60% and 80%. Sound is also broken just like a weak digital signal. Signal strength indication is sadly lacking. Even worse is that it will not always recognise a genuine, 100% Kosher IRDETO CAM and smartcard. I just get a blank screen on three out of the eight channels the card is validated for and one of those three is FTA! I’m sure that this dreadful box has been mentioned in despatches before so I am probably just adding another nail to its coffin. There, I’ve got it off my chest! Anyway, now you can see why I am very cautious about upgrading the Humax as I have no backup STB should the worst happen.



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