upload keys

I have been looking for a way upload keys to my dreambox for more than a week now, and please do not tell me to look for an answer in this forum because I wont find it.
Recently I finaly managed to upload the latest hydra image to the machine and that is it. For emulation and softcam keys and the rest I can not find any help. is a nulle modem cable enough and what should I do about that chmode staff

please help as it is driving me crazy


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Hello Samlam

From beginner to beginner: I don't know what box you have, but if you got a 56xx box I could recommend:
http://www.i-have-a-dreambox.com, database, "1694_hydra56xx_dianne_1105_fixed"
This one has EMUs on it, and all you need to do is to flash this image, then choose a station, press blue knob, "download keys", and then you will be able to see some stuff. It is really a good beginners program. I am currently watching some free stuff on 19 east such as the Dutch channels RTL5 etc.

I edited the name of the image, the one I stated earlier did not work well, use this one:1694_hydra56xx_dianne_1105_fixed