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helo to all
i do the steps from 1-7 with no problems but 8 & 9 files error with the rest of steps give me error ( NB1000 ) .
1.) PCLINK 2.5 starts... click on administrator Login and in the window appearing then newtv enter.
2.) Left then SOFTWARE+DATA+LOADER select, ABU63008-b.are, and the correct COM haven.
3.) Upgrade
Absolutely wait to GOOD in the display appears!!!
4.) Box again boots
5.) Winupload start.. File..Connect..Upload
6.) ABU63021t7-Normal_U.urt(Firmware) select.
7.) Bootet control rooms to the box of alone again
8.) Upload..sc1_bruceUPD_All_1C057010_4092.urt(First part of the CAM Patches) select
9.) If the box now FILE in the display indicates, again Upload and sc2_leeUPD_All_1C057010_4092.urt(Second part of the CAM Patches) select.

10.) no fear.. the box counts here depending upon Patch only to D027 or D028, which is in such a way correct, simply waits to GOOD in the display stands.
11.) Box again boats
12.) Winupload..FILE..Connect..Upload..rp...._nb501.urt (E@U) select, the box bootet again of alone.
13.) Upload.. rk........_nb501.urt(K@YS) select, box bootet

thanks regards