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YUAN PD300 DVB-T mini
Pen Driver Size DVB-T Receiver

Main Features:
Pen Drive Size portable DVB-T Receiver
Built-in DiBcom™ 3000MP Demodulator with Mobility Function
Watch Digital Terrestrial TV on your PC and Notebook
Full Band DVB-T Reception (6/7/8 Mhz)
Digital TV Recording and playback as DVD quality
USB Bus power, no extra power adapter required
Mini-Size Retractable Terrestrial Antenna

USB2.0 digital terrestrial TV receiver / recorder box
Built-In retractable VHF/UHF antenna for clear reception
DVB-T Protocol (ETS 300 744) compliant
Power from USB, no extra adapter required
Advanced signal processing for mobile environment conditions
Pen size with compact housing design

Reduce noise radiation and acceptation
Real-time digital video recording as MPEG2 format
Record and playback DVD-quality TV program on PC (720x480-NTSC, 720x576-PAL)

Fully resizable video window (up to Full screen)
Support EPG* (Electronic Program Guide) and schedule recording
Support Teletext* funtion
Bundle with CyberLink ® Power Cinema™ All-In-One Home Entertainment Center application
* EPG and Teletext feature depends on television broadcast used in different regions.

Package Type : Retail
Enclosure Type : External
Interface : USB 2.0
TV Standards : DVB-T (Digital Freeview), PAL
Channels : Auto Scan 6/7/8 MHz
Analogue/ Digital : Digital
Radio : Digital (Non-DA:cool:
Remote : Infra Red
TV Input : Coaxial
Video Format (Digital) : MPEG-2
Width : 28mm
Height : 75mm
Depth : 10mm
Compatible OS : Windows 2000, Windows XP

£33.76 @ Tech Fever