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I have a EchoStar DSB 2110 Viaccess receiver with
an Aston 1.3 CAM and 2 Green cards with the reference PIC16F84A-20/P (0023J9g). It has to soldered on chips.

Someone used to program the cards for me when I used to have the dish pointed towards Hotbird.
How would I get free movie, music channels if I point my dish towards Astra?

What programmer do I need or cards and CAMS?

Would the USB INFINITY Programmer be good?


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The list of cards programmable by the Infinity USB includes: GreenCard (PIC16F876, PIC16F877, Memory: 24C128) and GreenCard2 (CPU: PIC16F876, PIC16F877, Memory: 24C256). Also, this programmer is real easy to use which is great for beginners like myself (I use Fun4Cards which if I recall are about £10 each). Here are the channel lists for Astra 28.2E and Astra 19.2E. I don't know how many of these channels you will be able to get. I myself have my dish pointing towards Hispasat 30W and there are a bucket load of Spanish film channels there. I believe most of these film channels are also broadcast in English. Maybe someone can recomend a CAM for your receiver. I personally like the Magic Module CAM because it is not dedicated to any one encryption scheme. Good luck.