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very strange problem

hello all,
i have a technomate 1500ci+,moteck diseq1.2 motor & fortec 0.4 lnb (connected with ct100 coax) brand new install.
if the coax isnt connected to back of box (from the motor) & i switch on, the on screen graphics can be seen clearly as it should be with scart lead to the tv,but then if i turn off box ,connect coax (from the motor) & turn it on the whole picture (graphics & picture) is very unstable,it rolls & flickers & goes black&white,then if disconnect coax from the motor it is perfect again.
i have tried new scart leads to the tv,phono leads to front a/v socket of tv,an arial (rf) lead to the tv & a different tv set and the same problem remains with any of the above connected by itself or scart & rf together.
has anyone got any remedies or suggestions!


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Have you checked for a short on the coax? I.e, a short betwen the signal and the screen?

Tried changing the F connector at both ends (including the motor - LNB patch lead)?

Water running down the coax?

Tried it on a different receiver, even a digibox? That would tell you if it's the box, or the upstream equipment, as you've swapped out all the downstream stuff already.