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I have d2mac for 1oWest, however I wanna go digital. what is the best option since no official cards are allowed in UK. Use my strong4350 + conax and purchase card from Denmark ( where I have friends that I can use when filling up contract with Viasat ), or purchase both receiver + card from Denmark in case receiver is mapped to card..I am no expert at all, it just occurred to me that I might buy card but it would not work in UK.




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First of all, it is perfectly legal to use an offical card in the UK for any service provider, so long as you have obtained it legally. But usually the service providers (Canal+, BSkyB, whatever) will not sell cards (ie subscriptions) to people that fall outside their own countries, and that is because they only buy from the program/film-makers the distrubution rights for that restricted region.

In any event, with respect to your question on whether the card will work outside the country of origin:

- satellites transmit beams which have restricted "footprints" - so you should check that the channels you want to receive are carried on beams (tranponders) which cover your own geographical location. Not all Scandanavian satellites are (easily) receivable in the rest of Europe - although it is often simply a question of making sure your dish is large enough.

- some receivers have a built-in "country code". This means that a card intended for, say, French reception, would not work in receiver marketed in, say, Spain. This is true of some (but not all ) of the Seca/Mediaguard receivers. But I'm not aware of any others.

If neither of the above are issues, then you should have no problem. After all, the card/box can not somehow magically detect where exactly it is being used, and the signal content carried on a particular transponder is not somehow different when it arrives in France as opposed to say Germany. And nor can your box/dish transmit any information back up to the satellite which might "tell them" where you are.