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video delay on lcd display. Lip sync


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Well, I've just installed my new 32" LCD tele & I'm impressed with the picture quality (using s-vhs from my Humax).

The downer is that ther is a noticable delay in the video processing which means the video lags behind the sound. This is apparently a "common fault" with lcd & plasma technology and some sets have built in audio delay lines to fix the problem which is OK unless, like me, you use an external audio amp set up with no delay.

Anyone know of a cheap spdif delay module to cure the fault?

And yes, I do know that if I view from approximately 15862 miles away via a telescope I could achieve the same effect ! :)
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hmmm .... don't know any cheaply available ones, though bucket brigade delay ics are fairly cheap, if you can construct and solder.

Why not just return tv set as faulty? It shouldn't be sold like that!