Videoguard CAM out by Q4 2002.



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Dear All,

Thanks to the EU, NDS will be authorising the manufacture of a Videoguard CAM in Q4 2002, at market price for those with DVB boxes that have CAM slots; subscribing to SKY.

It was a dream I had last night.

However, what is still praying on my mind is:

I want to know why all widescreen broadcasts are now 16:9 ?

There was a day when people complained that films shown on their TV filled their TV screen (i.e., missing loads of actual filmed width).

Since, the UK has been brainwashed into believing w/s is FAB - and I have had to put up with with UK DVD's (exclusively w/s letterbox) and SKY movie content that is shown 16:9 and NOT native format - I want to know why !!!

What, exactly, is wrong with showing a cinemascope format film (within the 16:9 format) even if you have a w/s TV ? Ever seen TCM ?

Okay, you have just spent GBP LOADS on a w/s TV. What, exactly, is wrong with native format ? Does it have to be 16:9 only to justify the expense of your new TV ?

Its like history repeating repeating itself.

Have Fun,



Hmm, now what seems to be the problem?
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its whats known as Deja View..........Brian