Advice Needed VIrgin and 5.8Ghz sender/receiver to 2nd room



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Virgin box with HDMI output only
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I have a virgin media box with a HDMI out that is connected to my TV
I bought a A86KH NIKKAI 5.8Ghz to be able to see virgin in a 2nd room

So as my virgin box does not have a scart plug is there any way i can plug the scart into the TV instead or do I have to buy a converter HDMI to SCART to plug it straight into the Virgin box itself?

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Unless you have a model that specifically has a VCR connection (as my ~10-year old Philips LCD one has), then you probably wont have the TV sending anything out of the SCART port that is coming in off an HDMI port. In fact, I don't even think my Philips will send something that is not coming from the internal tuner out to the VCR.
But try it - you don't write what TV you have, so you might have a model that works...


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Sky minidish and Sky + HD 250gig Anytime+ box with full ish appart from sports and movies, Dreambox DM500s clone (Pli Jade3 max var F/W), Motorised 1.1Meter Dish
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What Virgin box have you got? I'm sure all mine recently have had a SCART socket

How long have you been with them? I ask because TBH if you ring virgin from your landline on 150, choose the option to say you want to leave or change services, then choose the option to say you want to leave/move and not take your services with you, that will get you retentions (or got thru to anyone and ask for retentions), tell them your not happy with your services and are considering Sky because they'll match your current deal with Virgin and they're willing to throw in an extra box for the bedroom free of charge with nothing added onto the monthly bill

Or ring, speak to retentions and tell them point blank you want a better deal and an extra box, you'll get someone in the UK and you'd be surprised what deals they can pull, I upgraded an old V HD box (non recording) for a TIVO with free install and free activation, they dropped the £5 TIVO tax and I ended up paying a few quid less per month with the extra box included
Ask what discounts they can give you while your onto retentions too, they'll discount you because they'll see it as keeping your custom and they get commission for every package change/discount they apply, the only bad thing is though you'll start a new 12 or 18 month contract with them