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voyager + windecript



how do i find a site that either have the dat or key files for the above or if possibe tell me how to update them, or where i can find the relavent information so a can try to edit them myself. Tryed to ask for them( so i have at least a chance to see if it works) but no luck yet i am trying to use it for erdoto and viaaccsses.
thanks mick


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Here is the actual Voyager site (now closed but still contains a bit of useful info):
http://thoic.com/voyager/ or http://connect.to/voyager/

The voyager program itself can still be obtained at the Digital FreeSat site: http://www.digitfreesat.cjb.net/
See the "softhard" section.
Direct URL to the Voyager program (including documentation on key file layout)
And the WinDecrypt program is also at that site, direct URL here:

But have a good look through the Seca & Irdeto emulator sections at the "softhard" part of the Digital FreeSat site since there are other emulators there as well as sample key files, etc.

Here's another good site that contains keys, emulators, etc.
For Windecrypt & Ipnotica software at that site, click on the link "digital files", or go directly to: http://sergiu.topcities.com/digitalfiles.htm



thanks for the reply have tried some of the emulators but still no pic will keep on trying i have to get it right sum time mick