W.H.Smith to sell £50 Freeview box



It will soon be possible to buy a Freeview receiver with your morning paper! The retail chain WH Smith best known for stationary and periodicals has agreed to sell Hauppauge Digital's DEC1000 Freeview receiver - for less than £50.

In fact, they will retail at the highly competitive price of £49.99.

Smith's Category Controller, Charles Davey, said: "We looked at a lot of Freeview receivers and wanted something that would be extremely easy to use - some people are still figuring out how to fully use their video recorders; compact - as space around most home TV sets is at a premium these days; realistically priced and, above all, simple to install. The Hauppauge box fits that bill perfectly."

Commenting on the agreement Yehia Oweiss, Hauppauge's UK Managing Director, added: "We're very pleased with this WH Smith agreement for our DEC1000 Freeview receiver, which addresses many of the 'ease of use concerns' expressed by the ITC and Consumers' Association in their report [Easy TV, January 2003]. The DEC1000 is the simplest box yet and when first plugged in it seeks TV and radio channels automatically. It has meaningful remote control labels, and we believe it is the most responsive unit on the market."


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