W/S TV's and native formats



Post Meister
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Dear All,

I want to know why all widescreen broadcasts are now 16:9 ?

Make any sense ?

There was a day when people complained that films where shown on TV that filled the screen (i.e., missing loads of actual filmed width).

Now, with the UK population brainwashed into believing w/s is FAB, I now have to put up with DVD's and SKY Premier w/s content that is telecine'd to 16:9 and NOT actual format - just so that it panders to the w/s posse ?

What, exactly, is wrong with showing a cinemascope format film within the anamorphic 16:9 format ?

Okay, you have just spent GBP 2000000 on a w/s TV. So, you will have black bars ! Why does the picture have to fill you're screen ? To justify the expense ;-)

Its like history repeating repeating itself.

Have Fun,