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Jun 26, 2007
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It’s the last day of the working week and the buzz about the imminent new iPhone model is hotter than ever.
The latest tittle-tattle has it that GPS will be a central plank of the new handset. Fuel was added to the fire by an Apple job listing seeking an engineer versed in the dark arts of GPS installation (among other things).
Too late anyway
Of course, the likelihood that the 3G iPhone launch is just over two weeks away and the implication that the hardware has obviously long been finalised does nothing to stop the gossip.
Perhaps the dissection of this fake 3G iPhone screenshot will be a valuable lesson to the chattering masses. Or maybe not…
Speaking of chattering, yet another one of those analyst chaps has been blabbing about how he sees the future of the games console market.
Stating the obvious
Michael Pachter, whoever he is, says the Xbox 360 and PS3 will both get a price cut later this year, but that sales will slow down come what may.
Looking to 2011, he suggests growth will stop and that it’ll be time for a new round of consoles. We have no idea who this guy is, but he sure knows how to state the obvious.
Lastly for this morning, it seems someone has found an even more pointless use for Twitter. A US geek supreme has managed to connect his Twitter account to his bedroom light so that he can turn it off by mobile phone. While he’s standing in the same room.
Should you feel moved to try something equally daft yourself, just remember to use a secure password on your Twitter account – not one of these pathetic attempts to be obtuse.
That’s it for now, but stay tuned to TechRadar for the rest of the day’s news as it breaks or grab a feed here - get it while it’s hot.