Wanted Echostar 3600 / Or were to repair in Essex ?



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Hi Guys

I know the 3600 is no longer made but I wonder if any one knows were I might pick one up from .
It all started with being unable to get more than 90 channels on Auto Search when I was searching hot bird I all ready had about 1000 channels .
I thought maybe I should put the software back to factory default and put all the sat and channels back in again .
However after the factory default the hand control stopped working when you start the receiver all you get in " press menu " since the hand control is not working any more you are unable to reset or do thing but use the main controls on the front of the receiver .
So I dont know if the hand controller is no longer working or the problem is with the sat receiver .
I could get a replacement remote but there asking about £65.00
which is ok if it works however the problem may be with the receiver .
So is there and Echostar dealers over in essex that I could take and try out this remote as finding a replacement receiver is going to be hard since its not a little wall mounted job its a 3 m Precision dish on a polar mount useing a Chaparral Corotor with C band / Ku / telecom so I think its best get this one sorted out or were can I buy a replacement .

Any thoughts any body ?




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If you're sure the problem is the remote control, you could contact the folks at One For All and ask them how much are they asking for a remote control programmed for your STB. I did that a few years back and the cost was nowhere near £65, thats just insane!
Give it a go.