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War of the worms



War of the worms

The creators of the Netsky, MyDoom and Bagle e-mail viruses have taken to exchanging insults in what amounts to a war of words in computer code between rival hackers, USA TODAY reports.

"It almost seems like they are playing a war of one-upmanship. They could be jealous over the media attention the others are getting," said Chris Belthoff, senior security analyst at anti-virus company Sophos Inc.

The latest version of Netsky, dubbed Netsky.F, has a message in the code that says "Bagle ? you are a looser!!!! (sic)" and an earlier version says: "MyDoom.F is a thief of our idea!"

Netsky.F also tries to deactivate earlier MyDoom and Bagle variants.

Code in Mydoom.F, Bagle.I and Bagle.J addresses Netsky's creator directly, using expletives. One message tells Netsky: "don't ruine our bussiness, wanna start a war?"