WDR package from Astra



A new package of eight regional German television channels of WDR station started broadcasting on new transponder 101 of the Astra 1H - 19,2E satellite, with frequency 12,421H (SR=27500, FEC=3/4).

Unfortunately all the channels are encrypted and all have the same WDR programming.

In the package are such regional channels:
WDR Düsseldorf, WDR Essen, WDR Münster, WDR Siegen, WDR Wuppertal, WDR Bielefeld, WDR Aachen (all above channels have different programming from Monday to Friday 18.00-18.05 and from Monday to Saturday from 19.30 -20.00).


Hi folks. Actually the WDR local programmes "'Lokalzeit") are not in fact encrypted, they are free to airI saw them last night. There is also a Dortmund programme. The WDR main programme carries Cologne local news while the opt-ups are going on. The Essen Programme carries a "Ruhr" label, while Wuppertal carries "Suedwestfalen" and Siegen "Bergisches Land" labels.