Weak signal only on T81 on Hotbird 13



The signal from transponder 81 on Hotbird 13 is, according to my Sagem
digital reciever, some 10-15% weaker than other transponders. As it is
the Polsat digital package that I wish to view on T81 this is a
problem as the sound and picture are always breaking up. All other channels on Hotbird (and on Astra as received by a Monoblock LN:cool: are fine. (In fact the signal seems stronger from Astra.)

Is this due to a badly aligned dish? I am told that the signal is weaker on the Polsat package, but when in Poland I am able to recieve the channels without problem - the problem only arises here in London. Would a bigger dish to resolve the problem or is there another cause/solution?

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Satellites can transmit multiple different beams, each aimed at a different location and each with varying signal strength. So the fact that you get some channels clearly from a particular satellite is no guarantee that you'll get them all.
Nevertheless in this particular case TP 81 tranmitsd on Hotbird's wide beam and that should be equally strong in London as in Poland.
See http://www.eutelsat.com/satellites/13ehb3_popd.html

Anyone else help here?
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Hello All

Just wondering if the problem is a vertical/horizontal one.

When one of my LNBs packed up, it went in one position before the other, but I can't remember the order.

Have you checked some other signals in the same polarity as Polsat?


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